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Information & FAQ

We've posted questions and answers about our rain barrels and rain harvesting in general as well as links to helpful information. If you can't find an answer that you are looking for then contact us and we'll get back to you asap.

Why Collect Water In Rain Barrels?

image of the earthRain water is a vastly under-used natural resource that we often take for granted. There are many reasons to collect rain from your roof. Because rain water is a naturally soft water devoid of chemicals such as chlorine it is healthier for your garden, landscape and indoor plants. By harvesting rain, you will create a smaller impact on your municipal water source and reduce the amount of water you contribute to storm runoff. During the rainy months you can use the overflow on your rain barrel to divert water away from the storm system and into a permeable surface. [ More info about rainwater harvesting benefits ]

How Can I Use Rain Barrels?

    image of a house
  • Collect rain from your roof gutters or simply in the open to water your landscaping, garden plants and indoor plants.
  • Water your livestock such as horses, goats, cows, etc.
  • Store potable water for emergencies or camping. (do not drink water collected from your roof without proper research and filtration)

Our rain barrels and tanks are not only used to harvest rain water. Some people have used them to store potable water for emergencies, camping or livestock. We've seen them used as outdoor showers and radiant heat for green houses. We provide customization for any situation.

What Are The Rain Barrels Made of?

recycle imageWe recycle 55 gallon food grade barrels that are BPA-free from local companies. The barrel you buy may have once contained aloe, agave syrup or cola syrup. We thoroughly rinse each barrel then attach a brass hose bib and optional overflow fitting. We are pleased to customize your rain barrel any way you wish.

Can I Drink Rain Water From My Roof?

image of a raincloudRainwater may contain pollutants, algae and other materials that gets washed from your roof. If you have a good water purification filter and/or boiled the water it should be safe, especially if you have a metal roof. But I don't recommend it without a proper filtration system consisting of a 3 stage micron filter and ultraviolet light to kill bacteria.

However, most of the water we use isn't for drinking. Even if you don't have a garden you can use the water from your rain barrel to flush your toilet, water indoor plants, lawns, wash your car and much more.


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