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Rainwater Harvesting Systems Installed

We've installed many large tanks in a variety of situations. Every installation was unique to the property and the needs of the homeowner or institution. Take a look at the examples we've provided below to get ideas for your own rainwater harvesting project.

Two 2500 Gallon Water Tanks, Sams Valley

This was one of my first projects. This is a covered outdoor picnic area with a great metal roof. The storage tanks were already in place after a phone consultation about placement and pad material. I created the plumbing into and out of the tanks which will supply water to a school garden and fruit trees situated around the picnic area.

Two 2500 Gallon Water Tanks Connected To a Picnic Area
Inflow Pipe From Picnic Area to 2500 Gallon Tank
Overflow and Access Valving on 2500 Gallon Tank

1550 Gallon Water Tank Installation, Nicolas

On this project, the homeowner built the pad and obtained the water storage tank himself. He called on me to get the plumbing into and out of the tank. I built the system onsite with a combination of new and used parts. We connected both sides of his shop/garage to the water tank. There is a first flush diverter and tank basket which will prefilter the water and catch 99% of all debris from getting into the tank. I also ran 100’ of pipe out to the garden using quick connect fittings so the pipe could be removed in the winter and when mowing.

1550 Gallon Rain Cistern
First Flush Diverter to 1550 Gal. Tank
Tank Valving

1000 Gallon Water Tank, Roseburg

This project in Roseburg consisted of a full scope consultation, design, delivery and installation of everything seen. I stopped by the customers property on my way home from a delivery trip to Medford. We walked the property and discussed storage needs and space. We settled on a 1000 gallon water tank to be "hidden" between the property boundary and the back of the shop/garage. Upon returning, I then built the pad, placed the tank, built the inflow from both downspouts into a first flush diverter, created the overflow and installed the valving.

Two 1550 Gallon Water Storage Tanks, South Eugene

This is a 1550 gallon tank right smack dab in the middle of South Eugene. The property owner wanted as much capacity as possible but had height restrictions. We opted for 2 -1550 gallon tanks on either side of the backyard. Over three days, I battled snow, hail and freezing conditions to build the 2 pads and get the tanks installed and working. The tanks needed to be lifted over a 7’ fence which may seem like a problem, but is actually quite easy to do. I rerouted the overflow back into the original downspouts leading out to the street as to avoid flooding what is already a wet back yard. I also moved the downspout to the corner of the house to avoid blocking the view of the backyard from a bedroom window. I plugged and repaired the original downspout hole.

Two Water Tanks with Pump Installation, Elmira

This project consisted of two 1550 gallon tanks tied together collecting from one very productive downspout. We also incorporated a pump and sprinklers to water the front lawn to comply with the Lane County Firewise Program. The homeowner had a company come out and excavate the area for the tanks.

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